Blackrock Castle Observatory Wedding Photographs

Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork, Ireland is a stunning little gem for Wedding Photographs. Whether outside, in the courtyard, indoors or on the roof of the Castle there a plenty of nooks and crannies perfect for photography.

The Castle located in Blackrock Cork sits on a point gunting into the south side of the River Lee, a 5 km or 15 minutes spin from Cork City. The river plays a beautiful back drop in photographs with regular boating and rowing in this area.

Outside the Castle grounds there are locations or angle that can capture the Castle, River and green areas while excluding the imagery noise of modern life. Do not be put off by cars, industrial sites on the north far bank of the river and housing.

The courtyard is set up to welcome all to the Café on the right and observatory on the left. The Café on can work as a nice option (more on this later). The observatory on the left offers a mini science museum and planetarium show. Despite this there is plenty of Castle to have a drinks reception and achieve quiet isolation from the outside world.

Beyond the Café tables in the Courtyard there is plenty of room to get photographs in from of the main Castle towers. There is a nice viewing area of the river to the right through a small arch. The arch itself offers a nice frame for a wedding photograph. Through to the viewing area the other wall has green foliage on the castle walls that work beautifully in contrast to the stone in pictures captured. Also, the castle towers in the background give that classic whoa factor. Not to forget the viewing area is to allow you to see the River Lee in its length so you could also photograph the River on eye level with the wedding couple.

Blackrock Castle River Viewing Area Side Cork IrelandBlackrock Castle Courtyard Cork Ireland

Inside the Caste there is a small reception area with a large fire place centre piece. No matter the weather the fire place is lit and the warm can be felt in the photographs captured.

The first and most likely only winding stairs the wedding party will walk up is pristine with white walls and candles on each step. Great for a curved wedding shot of the bridal party. The on flight brings you to the roof on Blackrock Castle. Views from 3 sides of the Castle each give their own results. The one negative is you are up high on an open river so there is plenty of opportunity for a gusty wind. The breeze can come and go giving you lots of time when it dies down to get the photograph you want.

The second winding stairs is tight and most if not all wedding couples will not climb the narrow historic tower to get to the very top of Blackrock Castle. Even when you get to the top it is a squeeze, a wide lense will be need for your wedding photographer to get the most of the fantastic sites and stunning location.

Not to forget the Café. The Café does small and full meals. The food is quality homemade produce. It could be an option to have a lunch, quick nimble or just get a drink. For smaller wedding parties it offers an alternative from the normal running of wedding days.

If close to your ceremony venue or on route to your reception Blackrock is a recommend consideration for Wedding Photographs.


Blackrock Castle Observatory Cork Ireland. Planetarium Show, Comos at the Castle.

A 360 Degree Photograph from the Planetarium Show “Comos at the Castle” that takes place daily at Blackrock Castle. Click the image to drag and reshape the photograph, zoom in and zoom out also.