Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions that we find pop up from time to time

Q: How much of a deposit is required?

A: A €200 deposit is required to secure your wedding date.


Q: How can I book you?

A: Once I am available for your wedding date, paying the deposit of €200 secures your wedding date, payment can be made by the following ways:

  • online secure payment with any bank card
  • bank transfer
  • in person bank card transaction (we have a portable card machine)
  • in person by cash


Q: When do I pay the balance?

A: One month before your wedding date I will remind you of the balance due. Payment of the balance is required before your wedding date.


Q: What is the standard package you provide?

A: As standard I want to give couples the piece of mind that they have a clear fee that will deliver photographs of their wedding day, no hidden extras. You get all photographs as standard via a USB and also via a private website. That gives couples reassurance that they actually have photographs of there day when they book me and there is no limit and no watermark placed on those photographs.

As standard I cover your wedding day including the morning preparations. This covers the focal point of your day: preparations, ceremony, photo shoot, reception and speeches before dinner.


Q: What is your approach on the day?

A: One the most important things about the smooth running of the day is being aware as to what is happening now and what is happening next. So I get to know your plans and what to expect from your wedding day. I will go through everything in a pre-wedding consultant.

My aim particularly in the morning and for the ceremony is to be as unobtrusive as possible. I have a friendly and natural approach. All families and friends have very different personalities and I am comfortable in all situations. While capturing the iconic groups and portraits on your wedding day i also focus on the candid style of photography. I will achieve a nice balance between the two styles and bring the story of your wedding day through to your photographs.


Q: Can I print photographs myself or do i have to get them printed from you?

A: You receive all the images on a USB so you may print as you see fit. We do print ourselves so if you need any help we are happy to offer our services.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes. I take no risks and I have Public and Products Liability for €6.5 million. This is actually a requirement for photography in certain locations such as Charles Fort Kinsale, Desmond Castle and Ilnacullin Garinish Island in Cork.


Q: What if you cannot photograph my wedding (sickness or other)?

A: Cork has a great bedrock of professional photographers and we work well together. In the unlikely event I am unable to photograph your wedding I will endeavour to help you get a professional photographer to photograph your wedding.


Q: When are the photos ready after my wedding?

A: All photographs will be available 6 weeks from your wedding day. This gives you a definite time frame rather than waiting an unknown amount of time.

Remember I do a sample of 40-50 images within 48 hours of your wedding day. This gives you a taster of the professional photographs of your day while still celebrating.


Q: How long does it take for an Album to be produced?

A: Once we have drafted and you are happy with the design (make as many changes as you like!) it takes about 3 weeks for the manufacture to produce and deliver the final product.

The design and draft process can take about 6 weeks. A week or two for you to select your favourite photographs, a couple weeks to design the first draft and then a couple more to work through changes you would like (going back and forth a few times to get it just right).