Gwen and Padraic

From the very start a pleasure to talk with, nothing was ever a problem. We were very impressed in the way Laura remember the smallest of details we discussed. Laura created fun and laughter not only with the bridal party but extended guests. We are delighted with the photographs, they capture all the fun, tears and laughter of the day in a very natural way and we will treasure them.

Jane and Kevin

The photos are stunning and captured the day, the atmosphere, the people and many wonderful moments so beautifully.

I didn't realise before our wedding how much of an impact the photographers have on the day. Laura was not only super professional, but brought such warmth, sensitivity and joy.

Michelle and Frank

Our wedding will live forever through Laura's artistry and professionalism. Laura's photographs captured the emotions and love within each moment of the day. 

So friendly and attentive. We enjoy looking at every shot they took.

Photography is Laura’s passion and it is truly shown with the attention she gives to people she interacts with daily and the photographs she takes. The greatest testimony Laura receives is repeat business. To become a photographer for several weddings within the same family is a great testimony to Laura’s work. Indeed to photograph a wide range of family events for the returning customers is one of Laura’s perks of the job, being allowed to document so many differing wonderful moments.